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student sitting around dining hall
For many students, leaving home means saying goodbye to mom and dad’s cooking. Not to worry — we have an extensive selection of healthy, sustainable, diet-friendly, and downright delicious options to keep you fed and fueled for success.

Clark Dining Services is committed to student-focused meal options that promote a healthy lifestyle. We offer fresh ingredients, diverse cuisines, flexible hours, and many locations. You’ll always be able to find a bite to eat — or a nutritious snack to keep your mind sharp during a late-night study session.

Food For All

Meal Plans

Clark meal plans provide great value and flexibility.

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We highlight well-balanced meals and provide nutritional information to support healthy habits.

male holding basket of leafy greens


We’re committed to sustainable practices, including buying local, supporting fair trade, and using biodegradable paperware.

Students eating food at a restaurant counter

Off-Campus Dining

Clark sits amid of an eclectic array of dining destinations — from casual restaurants and delivery joints to upscale, sit-down establishments. And thanks to its wide range of ethnic and regional cuisines, you’ll find whatever you have a taste for here in Worcester.